About Jst-Online - A Brief History

What Does Jst-Online Stand For? - It's quite simple really; its my initials. John-Scott (my first name) Theron (my surname) Online. It came about when first got the internet and could not think of an original nickname I could use when connected. It turned out that it was quite a suitable name for a website too and so Jst-Online was born.

Who is Jst-Online run by? - Myself and nobody else. Its quite amazing really.

When did it first appear on the World Wide Web? - On August 5 2000, the original Jst-Online was announced to the world on HWMods.com. It was originally hosted on Tripod.

How many designs and hosts have you had? - All in all Jst-Online has had 9 designs and 5 hosts. Some of the URL's are still operational however they are now used for different purposes. The Tripod site was removed by Tripod, the ic24 site is used as the test area for implementation of new designs, the strategyplanet site was never completed, the TGU site is currently down and HWA is the current host.

Version Released Original URL
Jst-Online Version 1 August 5th 2000 http://members.tripod.com/jst-online
Jst-Online Version 2 Unknown http://members.tripod.com/jst-online
Jst-Online Version 3 Unknown http://www.strategyplanet.com/homeworld/jstonline/
Jst-Online Version 4 May 5th 2001 http://www.jst-online.ic24.net
Jst-Online Version 5 May 13th 2001 http://www.jst-online.ic24.net
Jst-Online Version 6 January 13th 2002 http://www.thegamingunion.com/users/jstonline
Jst-Online Version 7 February 1st 2003 and February 15th 2003 URL Change http://www.thegamingunion.com/users/jstonline and http://www.jstonline.thegamingunion.com
Jst-Online Version 8 Never Implemented. Planned for June 4th 2003 http://jstonline.thegamingunion.com
Jst-Online Version 9 August 06th 2004 http://jstonline.homeworldarchives.com

What is the history of Jst-Online's content? - Originally, Jst-Online hosted one single file on its server; an intriguing file aptly named "The Mega Map Pack". This was similar in nature to today's Ultimate Map Archives. At the time BPLlama's map files ruled the world, however after downloading it I was unsatisfied with the file. I had spent about 20 minutes downloading the large zip file and once opened, I found that the file was merely a large zip containing the zip's of all the maps available and that to play them I still had to extract each one individually. I being the crazy person I am decided to unzip each one into a single directory then zip them up again to make it easier for the user (BPLlama later copied this idea!). Meanwhile I had been experimenting with a basic installer creation program similar to Installshield. I tried using this to compress all the files and found that it gave similar results to zip files, however when the resulting .exe was zipped, it was compressed by a further 50% making it half the size as BP's file and more convenient. At the same time I had been experimenting with a program called Trellix Web which allowed one to create a website without having knowledge of HTTP or FTP (I experimented a lot during these times which is why I am now so knowledgeable now!). I added 1+2+3 and decided that to make a website for one of my favourite games would be great.

Above is the original banner I made to be placed on HWMods.com. You guessed it, I had been playing around with Jasc's Animation Shop and the Bigviewer around this time too (hey I was very into the game okay). A few months later a nice person called "The Psycho Dan" (also known as "The Gambit Dan") made me some nice graphics to replace the crappy ones I had made originally. He also made me a web design but unfortunately I turned it down as I believed it to be insufficient for how big I wanted my site to become. Jst-Online's content has slowly grown since. However there were times when I doubted whether the site should continue as it did not attract many visitors and many people had not heard of it despite it being around for so long.In a drastic attempt to revive my website and rekindle my enthusiasm for Homeworld I decided in late December of 2001 that I should offer the user more, which is when Jst-Online started hosting superior mod packages. This, in combination with the relative fall of BPLlama's Map Archive and Dylov's Map Makers Archives helped orchestrate the rise of the Jst-Online you know and love today. I would call it proof of survival of the fittest.

What is the purpose of Jst-Online? - Jst-Online represents the largest online collection of Homeworld and Cataclysm maps and modifications known to man. With Homeworld slowly but surely dying off, Jst-Online stands proud as a showcase and tribute to the oustanding hard work and undying perseverence of members of the Homeworld Community since 1999. It continues to keep up-to-date files of the highest quality, smallest file size, and ease of use. A secondary aim of this site is hosting small, lonely mod makers. Tools, essential files, and images and movies can also be found here if they're worthy.

How can I get a greater insight into the history of Jst-Online? - Try reading the old news page, it dates back to the 4th of May 2000 so there's quite a bit of history there. Also take a look at my guestbook. That has been going since day one.

Who has helped you during these years? - I would like to give thanks to the following, and of course many individuals who I cannot recollect:

Firstly my hosts...

Tripod - sure they were useless but I still learned some things from being hosted there and it brought my website to the world!.

Homeworld Universe
(and all its old counterparts such as Homeworld-X) - even though they never did host me, I bet they wish they did now. Thanks for all the information, mod links, forum participation and news posting abilities I recieved there.

- for being a good ISP for about a year and still providing me with webspace to this day.

The Gaming Union
- great hosts, who despite server problems and lack of any financial reward, continue to deliver us from bad content and give me 750mb of webspace. They are truely a webmasters dream and without them this site would cease to exist.

- many thanks go to Troff and his young but brilliant site dedicated to archiving all things Homeworld. It is surely no coincidence that our two sites have been brought together. We share a common purpose. I am gratiously provided which 750mb's of webspace.

all the old boys of Homeworld who most of you won't have even heard of who taught me many things; ah those were the days....

Drazi Guy
and many others....

people who are in the staff page or once were...

The Emperor
Dragon NDC
Patrick Liggett (HugeGnomeBilly or Pat)
The Borg Collective

and finally: all the people who have made mods, modding tools, and modding tutorials