From time to time it becomes neccessary for me to change my email address. Due to the injudicious amount of spam I have received over the years, I am attempting to curb this using new measures. For this reason I have decided to change the way in which you are able to contact me. Previously I have used a contact form however this approach was flawed because the form did not mask my email address if a spambot were to scan my code. Therefore, below is my email written in a form hopefully only humans can understand.

My current email address is: scottismo (then you put an "at symbol") googlemail (then you put "dot com")

If the above address no-longer works, please feel free to try contacting me using any of the below instant messenger programs. If the worst comes to the worst and none of these work, try doing a web search for "Scottismo", "Jst-Online" or something like that. Hopefully you will find me.

ICQ IM Number: 81306210

MSN IM Handle:

Yahoo IM Handle:


Skype IM: scottismo