Map Archive

This file lets you install a large collection of maps for Homeworld, Cataclysm or Homeworld 2 instead of spending hours downloading them individually via websites or online play.

What's New


The filesize of the map packs has been reduced by 100%! (the 7zip version). When Jst-Online first started, the size of its Homeworld map pack was 6mb. Using innovative methods, this became 3mb using a zipped up install package from clickteam, then 1.8mb using a self-extracting .ace file and now the unthinkable has happened; with the advent of the new compression algorythm called 7-zip, the map pack has once again become even smaller. This is great news for everyone but especially 56k people.
Homeworld 2
22/12/2004 Addition of Skeeter's Map Pack v2.
15/12/2004 Initial Release of the Homeworld 2 Map Pack.


Map Archive
Current Version
FileSize (7zip / zip)
Homeworld Archive
v1.3 (08/08/04)
Cataclysm Archive
v1.2 (08/08/04)
Homeworld 2 Archive
1.1 (22/12/04)


Notes: You don't need a program capable of opening 7zip files. The download is a self-extracting exe. A standard zip version is also available for those who are suspicious of new things :-)

Submitting Maps: It is important that if you have a map which is not included in the release that you submit it. Players are constantly seeking new maps to test their skills with and if new maps are not distributed in an effective manner, the map-makers efforts have been in vain. It is easy to submit a map. Simple send the map as an attachement to the email address listed on the contact page. Please include any readme files or information about the author with the map when sending.