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Homeworld Video - An excellent 3D rendered video of a short battle sequence by WildstarSLS for the SLS (SpaceLordsSyndicate) team. This movie comes from

Homeworld Music Video - Tears Of Kharak - A music video by Neko. A quote by Neko; "While we await the release of the Next Edition in the Homeworld Saga, let's look back at the original, the one that started it all. A professional quality music video has been in the works for the past week. Remember the feeling when Kharak first burned? When you heard the sorrow and hopelessness in Karen Sjet voice? You will again relive those experiences". The video itself is fairly impressive although a little jerky as all footage was extracted from existing footage rather than in-game captures.

Homeworld / Cataclysm Music Video - Bring Me To Life - A music video by Viper_1tag. A quote by Viper_1tag; "As we move on to Homeworld 2, we must never forget the original. This is my tribute to Homeworld and Cataclysm". The video is nice.

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