Jst-Online Interview Form

Please take the time to complete this interview as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Mod authors put a great deal of time and effort into every aspect of their mod and it is hoped that this effort will shine through your answers you put in this interview. Once you have completed the interview document, please click the submit button which will transmit your answers to me via my dedicated spamgourmet.com account.

Your interview sheet will be published alongside you accompanying page on Jst-Online where users can download your mod directly from your site or if sanctioned, from the Jst-Online mirror. Screenshots and additional plot and/or changes that the mod makes will also be documented on the page dedicated to your mod. If you wish to add anything to your interview or wish to alter any information that is displayed on your mod page, please contact me!

The Questions are separated into different categories. Numbered questions are base questions, while bulleted ones are rephrasing of questions which may help clarify the meaning of a particular question. Bullets may also be used to denote related subjects that can be asked if appropriate. Some are suggestions towards where to gear the discussion or what kinds of responses are being aimed for.


Your Details

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Name Of Mod:
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Your Mod

What inspired you to create a Mod for Homeworld/Cataclysm/Homeworld 2?

  • Was it the game itself?
  • Were you inspired by the gameplay, art, ship design, the theme and/or plot?
  • Did you simply want to extend the story and universe of Homeworld?
  • Were you a fan of a space-based series that fits perfectly into the gameplay and 3D space engine of Homeworld games?
  • Were you attracted to the challenge of creating content for an application lacking mod-support to test your skills?
Specifically - How did you come to decide on the subject for your mod?
  • Is this your only Homeworld mod?
  • Have you created or thought about creating other mods based on different subjects?

Why did you choose to do a….(select as applicable)

  • Add-in
  • Upgrade
  • Remix
  • New race or in-game race availability
  • Total conversion
  • Mission or campaign

….as opposed to one of the others?


How did you start off making this mod?

  • Were you making maps and decided upon the theme for them?
  • Did you get excited about modelling ships for use in a true 3D space environment?
  • Did you go out looking for tools, and were they readily available or did you decide to develop your own?
  • Did you start from scratch or use a previous mod or concept as a base for your work?
  • Were there any mods or mod authors out there that inspired you or helped to give you direction?

What expectations did you have when you started working on this project, as far as time to build and difficulty in making are concerned?


How long did it take and how many people were involved?


What turned out to be the greatest challenge while making this mod (models, maps, scripts, music, unit stats calculation and balancing, etc.)?

  • As you were constructing your mod, did you ever encounter any major setbacks, such as team disputes, computer troubles or file loss? How did you work to get past them or what did you do to resolve them
  • Were there any types of tools not yet constructed that you feel would have been useful in the construction of your mod

How satisfied were you with the end-results of your mod?

  • How close were the results of your work to what you had originally expected in terms of time, difficulty, and quality (satisfaction)?
  • What did you like most about it?
  • What did you like least?

Was there anything left out you wish you could include? Why was it left out (complexity, time constraints, didn’t work as planned resulted in unbalanced play)?

  • Do you have any plans for an update, improved version or any other further development of this mod?

(For Homeworld / Cataclysm mods) Any plans to translate or do a Homeworld 2 version of this mod?


What has been the public response to your mod so far? What has been the most useful bit of feedback you have received concerning this mod, or any other work you have done?


Have you tried other Homeworld-like games (Hegemonia, O.R.B.) for translating your mod into? If so, how did it go? Was there better support for creating it in another application?

Your Background

What originally encouraged you to develop mods and how did you come to learn how to mod?


How much experience do you have in mods in general, and how much of that experience has involved Homeworld games?


What is your area of expertise? What part of mod creation gives you the most satisfaction/fun/challenge (modelling, scripting, etc.)?


Do you prefer to develop and use your own tools?

  • How important to you are mod support tools from developers?

Are you part of a mod development team? How did you go about recruiting team members and what qualities do you look for?


Could you describe your first impression and overall experience with the Homeworld games?

  • Were you very involved in the Homeworld gaming community? Were you part of any clans, leagues, ladders, etc.?

What other games or applications have you created mods for?


What is the next project you have planned for you or your team?


What would be your recommendations to up-and-coming mod creators?

The Mod Community In General

What do you feel is the greatest contribution offered by mods to the gaming industry?

  • They improve on the replayability of a solid game
  • They extend the user base by drawing new crowds or fan groups
  • They bring life back to old games and classics
  • They help to evolve game development or create the next generation of creators, programmers, and developers

Do you feel mods are growing faster than what fans can keep up with?


Do you think developer mod support should include web sites offering fans a focal point for mod discussions, latest news and “unofficial” technical support? Do you think individual fan sites are doing a good job of supporting mods and mod creators?


What are some of the best fan sites or mod-support sites you have had good experience with? How about some of the bad ones?

  • What makes a site good?


Do you feel that the aqcuisition of successful mods for retail distribution and comercial sale defeats the purpose or goes against the spirit behind mod making?

  • Gamers who were not part of the original experience would later have to pay for it