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This is where you go to catch up on events and old news that was posted on Jst-Online or other major sites that you may have missed, GET WITH THE TIMES! Note as of August 6th, the news was put into a tabular form (in tables).


This is where you go to catch up on events and old news that was posted on Jst-Online or other major sites that you may have missed, GET WITH THE TIMES! Note as of August 6th, the news was put into a tabular form (in tables).

Sunday January 25th, 2004

News Flash ! | 14:57 | Scotty

Hello to you all. Just a quick news update here....

Updates are still in the works so do not fear. Fortunately it has become apparent that my coursework that I have to do for this year is to design a website. This means that as part of my college work I can update this site! This is awesome news as college work usually gets in the way of the update that has been planned for so long. With coursework comes deadlines and where deadlines arrive, updates on Jst-Online arrive!

While you're waiting for the updates, why not visit the forums. They are back up again although I have yet to post any welcome notes or the forum guidelines. This does not of course mean you can go plaguing the forums with nonsense!

If forums aren't your cup of tea then how about some nice Jst-Online wallpaper? Its 1024x768 resolution.

Wednesday December 24th, 2003

Merry Christmas! | 12:51 | Scotty

The updates to the site have commenced and the patch for Homeworld 2 has also been released...what more could we ask for this Chistmas!?

I would just like to take this time to thank everyone who supports and still visits Jst-Online for their continued inspiration. Its the people out there saying "Where can I find this..." "you can find it at Jst-Online but its down at the moment" and "DAMN!" that make me want to sort this site out!

I wish all HW, CT and HW2 fans new and old a Merry Christmas and look forward to great new things and good health in the year 2004. Undoubtedly this will not be my last post of the year, but its good to be in the Christmas spirit early!

Sunday November 30th, 2003

A quick news update and a plea to all Homeworld lovers in the world | 14:49 | Scotty

For those who remain interested, what is planned to be the final major update of this site WILL commence over the Xmas holidays. During the holidays, I will have time to finish what I started many months ago and the site will be fully operational again. It will happen this time, as it is fully planned!

What is ultimately planned for this site is the most comprehensive download of all Homeworld and Cataclysm mods ever made. The site will NOT include Homeworld 2 as part of its database because the mods take a lot of time to develop and a lot of people have problems with other sites mirroring their files while the mods are still active.


What can you do? Thats simple, if you care about the first and best real-time 3d strategy game and the amount of work that each author put into making such mods for such an unmoddable game, then get together and create a list of all the mods that everyone has ever made. Hopefully they are still available to download or somebody out there still has a copy on their computer. Without the co-operation of the many, then the final update of this site will not be the most comprehensive in existence and it will not be a FULL tribute to those who spent their hard work making mods for people to enjoy. If we catalogue them, then everyone can look at them and Homeworld will be remembered for years to come!

I recommend using the relicnews forums or the hwuniverse forums to reach out to people and perform this task. If there is such a list that is drawn up over the next month, I will find it on the forums and I will have the information and the inspiration I need to make this a fullly fledged tribute site to Homeworld and Cataclysm. Many people say that Homeworld is their favourite game and many ask for a place where they can find "all the mods". Please help make this the place.

Wednesday September 3rd, 2003

Homeworld 2 Demo Release | 17:29 | Scotty

Once the Homeworld 2 demo is up, I shall be providing a mirror of it on Jst-Online as to ease the bandwidth of fellow hosts. Check back later for updates.

UPDATE: Due to limited bandwidth and unreliabality of the TGU server at this present time I shall not be mirroring the demo as suggested, It will be mirrored sometime in the future......

Monday June 2nd, 2003

Jst-Online Forums Announced | 17:57 | Scotty

Pending the release of a large amount of updated content, the Jst-Online forums are now active and ready to be flooded by new members. If you visit Jst-Online often, or simply wish to actively participate in the heart of the mod community then give the forums a visit. They have been up during the past 2 months and are finally ready to be released to the public. The forums have a full complement of moderators standing by to give a helping hand should you need it. Please be sure to read the rules before registering though. If you are already registered on relicnews or HWU then you should know roughly what to expect but have a brief look over them just to make sure! I personally hope you enjoy these forums and find them useful for discussing mods, coming up with new ideas for mods and learning how to make new mods. A lot of effort has been put into their creation and I would like to thank all the moderators for their input and insight without which the forums would be less complete than they are today!

Monday June 2nd, 2003

Minor Updates (major soon!) | 13:41 | Scotty

Sorry guys, I have been busy (and still am busy!) so updates have been scarce. However, HugeGnomeBilly and his new partner InocPrime have been working on a mod together and have been pestering me for ages to put on their two mods (Neo-Kadesh Mod and Megaship vs Exchange Ship Mod) so I have finally got round to uploading them. More improvements and updates will be coming during the next week once I get some exams out of the way. You might even spot a design change or two :-)

Tuesday April 22nd, 2003

Fixes | 20:12 | Scotty

Fixed Raider Retreat full version (it had an error), slightly updated the Homeworld map Collection, and made zip and ace versions of both map packs. Still many updates to come. Also removed Jal-18's Truescale Mod Site from Hosted Sites as he cancelled his site.

Wednesday April 2nd, 2003

More Surgery | 18:29 | Scotty

I have changed some of the graphics on the site, hopefully you noticed. I am fairly pleased with them, as they make a pleasing change to teh eye for the time being. Also, I have started to update mods on the site and removing the old EXE form. Currently, the Raider Retreat Lite version and several Babylon 5 mods have been altered. More to come!

Monday March 31st, 2003

Cosmetic Operations | 18:18 | Scotty

Recent visitors since my last post may have noticed that the downloads section has had a makeover. The downloads are now centralised into one section on the site (they are all available from the download link on the left). Mods are now seperated into two categories: ongoing mods and discontinued mods. The downloads section in general is easier to navigate and looks prettier too. We also have another new member of staff who goes by the name Draal. He has not yet been added to the staff page but will be soon. His funciton is to search for new and updated cataclysm mods. Together, I am confident that my staff will alert me to new mod updates in the future. Don't forget that you (yes YOU looking at this page) can also help by notifying Jst-Online if you see a newer version of a mod than that on Jst-Online or find one which is not on Jst-Online.

Wednesday March 26th, 2003

Important Site Changes | 18:00 | Scotty

I have once again been listening to the modding community and several changes have been requested in order for Jst-Online to continue mirroring mods for its collection. Due to a discussion held in the RelicNews forums regarding future Jst-Online releases, i have been given a few suggestions, and also some requests for certain changes to take place to this site. It is in my interest to obey such requests and therefore the following changes are planned for this site in the not too distant future:

  • The mods will no longer be repackaged in any way. They will simply include a Jst-Online readme and installation instructions for the mod if none are provided.
  • More information about the mod in general including a more descriptive description.
  • Links to screenshots of the mod. If none are available on the homepage, hopefully the Homworld Screenshot Archive will have some.
  • Seperate archives for discontinued mods/mods without homepages and mods which are still currently active. Mods which are currently active will have their files linked rather than uploaded to Jst-Online themselves.
  • Permission will be asked if the mod is to be mirrored on the site.
  • Interviews maybe conducted of mod teams. I like this idea a lot and will be pursuing it.
  • Slight changes in site design, basically I need to alter a couple of things which nobody will probably notice to enable certain things to be done.
  • More webspace given to mods hosted on Jst-Online. You will now get a minimum of 10mb of webspace regardless of the size of your mod and website. However, those hosted on Jst-Online will need a site design, mods without designs will not be hosted under a subdomain but simply put in the downloads section with a description.
  • An archive of tools. While many are already in the Misc File section, more could be and will be catalogued.
  • Get some new maps up and coming.

Additionally, Jst-Online is searching for a new member of Staff. I have recently recruited GnomeBilly of the HWU forums to look for HW mods for me. I need somebody to look for new and updated Cataclysm mods for me. If you think you're up for the task then email me. Finally, we have two new welcome additions to the hosted mods section. Jal-18's truescale mod and 1_Alpha's cataclysm enhanced map pack are now available. The Lost Homeworld mod by JKBerna of the RelicNews forums is also planning on hosting his mod here. More news on this at a later date. Thanks go to Durandel for allowing his Onslaught mod to be mirrored. It is the first mod to be in the new form using just a simple readme. look for more to come.

Sunday March 9th, 2003

More exciting news | 12:31 | Scotty

A lot has happened since the last update! I, the webmaster of Jst-Online have earned myself a position as a junior moderator on the Relicnews forums. This in itself is spectacular. However to complement this I have also gained a position as a member of staff on the new HWU soon to be released. I know where the new HWU is currently residing!

Next, a new section has been added on the left-hand column entitled "Hosted Sites". I posted news about this on the forums but forgot about it here, so here's the facts: I am now able to assign up to 25 users their own webspace to host their mods with a small website. Webspace provided will range from 5mb to 20mb depending on how big your mod is. So if you are a mod author and you want somewhere quick and free then Jst-Online is the place to go. You will also benefit from more hits as Jst-Online is now the biggest central resource for mods. Currently, I want mods with at least a preliminary release only.

Your URL will be like this:

Finally, the updates this week are as follows: several new mods have been uploaded such as the Truescale mod, Battletech mod, Prowler mod and various others. The patchmod for Cataclsym by SirRunOn is now hosted on Jst-Online. Secondly some of you may have tried my Multigun mod available on this site. Some time ago I had a model made for it, and several days ago I rooted through my email archives and began putting the model to use! Version 3 of the "Ultra-Ionic Multigun Corvette" is now available sporting a snazzy new model, and a few minor alterations which make it the coolest mini mod ever! Check it out on the downloads page under JST mods now!

Friday February 28th, 2003

File Submission Area | 17:53 | Scotty

I recently realised that since the two most important and dedicated map sites in the Homeworld community became defunct over a year ago now, there appears to be no new place for map files to be submitted.

Map files were originally hosted and submitted to BPLlama's Homeworld Map Archive but this no longer exists. Before closing, BPLlama started sending me all maps so that i could add them to my huge map file on Jst-Online. Once BP's site stopped, the Map Makers Archives took over who also began sending me all the maps to host on my site. However around this time last year the webmaster ran away and again there was no central place for people to submit new maps.

Today, all maps are still available from Jst-Online however there has been no new submissions for over a year! I originally put this down to nobody making any new maps but I have found out recently that there are still many of you out their making maps. So I plead you to submit them to me!

You have two ways of doing this:
a) email me at:
b) upload them to jst-online's map submission area using a copy and paste function in your web browser or uploading it via an FTP client.

Friday February 28th, 2003

Another New Top100? | 16:57 | Scotty

Wow! In the past day I have found out through my posting and searching on Relicnews that there is now a replacement for the original Top100. How well it works has yet to be seen but I have signed up Jst-Online for it anyway. Also I have found out that Medamanx, webmaster of the Homeworld Screenshot Archive is planning a Top100 also. The Toplist I created myself is now obsolete so you can ignore a large portion of the last post.

Go here to view the new Top100:

Thursday February 27th, 2003

A New Top50? | 17:23 | Scotty

I sat up until about 3 o'clock yesterday setting up a new "Homeworld Top50", making it just how I liked it, and then to my horror I found out once it was all set up that you have to click two buttons to vote for the registered site. To make things worse there is a small banner on it. I wasn't impressed...oh well what do you expect for free. It still works well and it doesn't look too bad, but its definately not better than the original Top100 on I have been trying to find one which allows you to use hits instead of votes to increase your ranking on your topsite but I haven't had a lot of luck and I don't want to use a script. So for a "trial period" I am having the Top50 button on the right navigation menu. Feel free to sign up for it, and see how well your site is doing against the rest. Simply click on the button, then click on "click to enter". You will then see the list. From there you can click "add your site". Simple. If you have any questions please email me. If it doesn't get used I will get rid of it. Like I said its on a trial period.

Also, it came to my attention that the Homeworld Free Hyperspacing tweak on the downloads page was not working. Those of you who have downloaded it may want to think about re-downloading it and giving it another try.

Monday February 24th, 2003

A Battle! | 14:07 | Scotty

There has been some interesting circumstances developing surrounding the benefits of Jst-Online. As you know Jst-Online mirrors mods and repackages them so that they are available from one place even if the authors original site goes down. Some mod authors whose content is copyrighted have been concerned about this, which is understandable, therefore in the near future a page shall be created regarding why this process is beneficial for all users in the Homeworld community. Unfortunately the author of the Rebirth mod for Cataclysm: "OneOfOneMillion" does not wish for Jst-Online to recompress the mod into a smaller easier to install executable therefore this mod appears in its original 8.75mb zip file available to download straight from the Rebirth site. It is Jst-Online's policy to make things as easy as possible for mod authors to spread their mods around the Homeworld community and the smaller file size is just part of the benefit users enjoy. However Jst-Online cannot decline a request to stop distributing a mod even if there are no copyright laws on the mod. This is because by keeping to requests, a good business attitude is maintained and Jst-Online makes no enemies. Subsequently, the Jst-Online readme file will be changing soon to compensate for some of the issues that have been expressed in the thread on the HWU forums. If you would like to know more about why the Rebirth mod has stopped being distributed in a beneficially modified form, please refer to the following thread on the Homeworld Universe Forums. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, thanks go to Meurig for allowing Jst-Online to continue mirroring the darkage mod, and thanks to Durandel for permission to mirror the Onslaught mod.

Tuesday February 18th, 2003

We've Moved! | 00:15 | Scotty

Welcome to the new URL for Jst-Online. The reason we have moved is so that I can get more webspace for all those big mods. After uploading the Raider Retreat Mission now available on the site, it would have only left me with about 80mb webspace for other mods and Homeworld 2 mods. Obviously this was not enough. However my quota has now generously increased by 250mb to 750mb which of course means more good mods for you guys.

Tuesday February 11th, 2003

I don't sleep! | 00:10 | Scotty

Aww man im just about to go to bed but I had this uncontrollable urge to update my site. It seems the total of 257 hits in two days has affected me in more ways than one. No new mods yet, just some more useful tools in the miscellaneous downloads section. Night night!

Sunday February 9th, 2003

Updates | 16:18 | Scotty

Yet more updates are coming your way today! Several old mods which where never released on Jst-Online have now been uploaded. Also some links have been fixed and some webpage updates. In the next update you can expect many things including more mods (where do they come from!), the HW Unit Viewer, HW Video Tweaker, Modman, and the last released version of 3D Exploration (1.83). To the future! But for now, im taking a is Sunday after all.

Friday February 7th, 2003

More Mods!| 18:33 | Scotty

I have uploaded a new homeworld mod (the Guadaca mod) and two new Cataclysm mods (Onslaught and Rebirth mods). I spoil you lot!

Wednesday February 5th, 2003

Great Wars 3| 18:02 | Scotty

Version 2 of the Babylon 5 Great Wars mod was released three days ago. I haven't tried it yet but I have already uploaded it to Jst-Online for download. Its 1mb smaller in file size too! I also added the Homeworld 1.05 patch and all the Cataclysm patches as I noticed these files are becoming harder to find. Enjoy :-)

Saturday February 1st, 2003

A New Look| 18:17 | Scotty

Well the old boy has been due for a redesign for a while. The old design was up for just over a year, and I needed a break from it. The main change is a decreased loading time and easier navigation due to frames. If you haven't noticed yet its also BLUE rather than RED. I have also removed the "mod links" page as they were all seriously out of date. I removed many of the non-existent links from the "links" page too. I have added an "about" page for your reading pleasure.

If you have any troubles with the site please drop me a line. If it is related to broken links then tell me what page the link is on. If this page doesn't fit on your screen very well or something doesn't seem right since the alteration of design then please email me quoting your screen resolution and monitor size. Feel free to also complement me on the new design. Thanks!

Saturday January 4th, 2003

Happy New Year| 20:00 | Scotty

Happy New Year from Jst-Online! I noticed several updates here and there lately so while im on the last few days of my Xmas holiday I thought I would spend some time updating the site. Although i have more planed, just two updates are available today. These are the latest version of the SOA mod and an addition of the Raiders Ascendant mod in the Homeworld Mod page. Enjoy!

Friday September 20th, 2002

Yay! | 22:58 | Scotty

So its a little longer than I thought it would be before updated the site and no i'm not announcing any updates now, however I have just this moment fixed my compression problem so you can expect updates within the next week. And for some reason some strange person made 3 anonymous and rather stupid / offensive comments on my guestbook today. For the sake of other viewers I have hidden these entries, whoever you are please don't do it again!

Friday August 23th, 2002

New Stuff!?! | 15:18 | Scotty

It has recently come to our attention that there is evidence to suggest the possible and strictly theoretical existence of "Updates" on Jst-Online. This may be a rumour but my brilliant brain is telling me that I may have to update the site soon. It appears that when I don't update the site it gets more hits for some obscure reason. Anyway I would have updated sooner but I formatted my computer and seem to have a problem with the version of the software I use to compress the mods. To solve the problem I may have to downgrade to a lower version, doh!

Saturday July 27th, 2002

Fixed Links | 15:37 | Scotty

Just noticed that all the links to the mods in the 3rd Party page were carelessly broken, so I fixed 'em. It would have been useful if somebody told me but instead I found out on the HWU Forums. I know I said that there would be a few broken links but I didn't mean that many!

Thursday July 25th, 2002

Prowler Mods | 14:00 | Scotty

Not a major update today, but I have added a page for a new collection of mods which are to be hosted on Jst-Online. Although the only files up at the moment are the Turanic Allies mod and Super Acolyte mods, more will come.

Friday July 12th, 2002

Mods Aplenty | 12:47 | Scotty

I have now uploaded a significant portion of mods for you to enjoy, and what worries me is I am constantly finding more mods! You'll notice a few broken links or missing links as I have not finished doing them all yet but this will be fixed soon, I just wanted to give you something to do in the meantime. There are a few more updates to be done but you won't see them for another day or so. Still there's no hurry, you now have many more mods to play with. I should be your best friend by now....

Monday June 24th, 2002

Cataclysm Section | 22:58 | Scotty

The Cataclysm archive is finally up! It has quite a few mods to download so check it out right now. It has almost all the decent Cataclysm mods out there at the moment in it already but there's still a few Homeworld and Cataclysm updates i have to do in the next few days. Finally, I am making some tiny adjustments to my site so if you notice any seemingly broken links please email me ASAP! Also, anybody who has sent me email in the past week might not have got through to me as my TGU email is down so all emails hosuld be directed to until further notice.

Monday June 17th, 2002

One Update | 10:47 | Scotty

I have made a guide for all you newbies out there to get you on your way with usings mods in Homeworld and Cataclysm. The Cataclysm section will be coming soon, I don't have too many more exams now.

Monday May 27th, 2002

Updates Soon! | 17:47 | Scotty

Well I have a reel of updates coming soon so check backsopon, I just got to get these damn exams out of the way, which shouldn't be too hard and then you shall be rewarded for your patience with a nice new Cataclysm section full of lovely Cataclysm mods.

Monday April 6th, 2002

New Mod| 16:53 | Scotty

By chance I found a mod today which I had not heard of before so I thought I'd stick it on here. Go to the downloads section now to get yet another quality file for all you mod lovers :-)

Thursday April 25th, 2002

New Cataclysm Map| 18:37 | Scotty

A new map; "Fools8" by the author of Fools 3 and Fools 5 (IcePirate) has produced an advanced version so more of you can rock in da cataclysm house. Download the updated map pack now. From now on the version number of the map pack is documented when you open it, so make sure you have the latest version by checking the version number on the maps page. The current version is v1.1

Sunday April 21st, 2002

We're Back! | 13:11 | Scotty

Its been exactly two months since the last update came out. But now the wait is over, and all the content is now uptodate again. There is a large amount of new mods and updates of current ones in the downloads section so go check them out (I cannot be bothered to list them all here). Hopefully you may also have noticed the new design which I consider to be far superior to the old one in most aspects. It has some neat little bits of code such as the customised scrollbar, and the random links in the misc sites section to your right that just make it a little more interesting. All sections of the site have been updated such as the mods list and a few new maps.

If you have any comments, please email me or submit a comment form in the comments section of the site. If you like something, please sign the guestbook or rate my site using the resources on the top rightcorner of any page.

Tuesday April 2nd, 2002

Soon Now Gamers| 21:51 | Scotty

Well it looks like I should have a broadband internet connection by Sunday so with a bit of luck y'all be getting some major updates next week, which will include masses of mods, some maps and the brand new design which will employing some cool but ultimately simply HTML CODE to make my site supremo; lets just hope you notice them!

Saturday March 9th, 2002

Calm B4 the Storm| 18:40 | Scotty

OK settle down folks, I know the major new version of B5: The Darkage is out, and loads of other mods are out, and that the B5: Great Wars mod will be out soon, but I am waiting a little while (about two weeks) till I (most hopefully!) get a cable modem. Then you can expect limitless quantities of mods that are updated as soon as new ones come out. "How so?" you ask. Well because i have two trusty assistants that will be searching for all these thigns to help me! So just sit tight, 'cos this ones gonna bite.

Thursday February 21st, 2002

Multigun Mod v2 | 20:03 | Scotty

I decided to update my Multigun Mod when I found out how to alter the colour of the Hyperspacing window. The mod is basically the same except it now has a green hyperspace window....go to the Jst-Online mods section by clicking on the download button now!

Saturday February 16th, 2002

Vote for New Design Colour | 16:35 | Scotty

The new design I have built is nearing completion, but there is one final thing I need to know. I have four colours available to choose from for the new design; I am going to use all of them but you guys have to choose which one is your favourite. The favourite one will be the default colour scheme for the new Jst-Online so make your vote count by voting on the poll temporarily located on the old address;

Click here to see designs and vote.

Thursday February 14th, 2002

Updates | 17:47 | Scotty

As promised I have mod updates for you. The following mods are now available: Homeworld Freespace, Star Wars: New Rebellion, Wild Universe, and the Space Above and Beyond TC. So go enjoy my friends :-)

Tuesday February 12th, 2002

Where are these updates? | 18:22 GMT | Scotty

Due to temporary servers problems on the TGU plus my AOL connection problems I have not been able to upload any new files recently. But never fear, I am getting a friend to upload the files tomorrow and you can also be expecting a new web design to boot. I have noticed that the SWFA is now the SWNR and shall be re-uploading that shortly. Check back in two days for guaranteed mod updates! That is if TGU's server doesn't go down that is....

Wednesday January 30th, 2002

Prepare For Some Gaming! | 16:24 GMT | Scotty

Oh no, yet again the time is exactly the same as the time of my previous post; this is getting weird....anyway I thought Id catch your attention with the gaming title as I'm almost finished building up my mod collection for Homeworld (none for Cataclysm yet) and it has been 2 months since my Sacrifice Of Angels Mod game, so sometime in the next month there's gonna be another game this time using the Starwars Fleet Academy Mod. Keep checking this page for more information. Meanwhile though I have yet another mod for you to download; this time its the Robotech Assault Mod which is pretty cool, that missledestroyer guy on jetpacks is really cool! Finally I once again remind all you guys (I know there is a load of you guys that love this site out there somewhere) to please give me some good but honest votes by rating Jst-Online on the Top100. This does not mean that you should not also vote on my poll but please note they are entirely separate things!

Wednesday January 23rd, 2002

SWFA Mod | 16:24 GMT | Scotty

The Starwars Fleet Academy Mod is finally available to download and as promised it is 7.68mb's instead of 12.20mb. Just go and download it will yer! Also as my mod collection gets nearer to completion I shall be arranging a second multiplayer game of Homeworld using one of the mods available from my website, so keep a look out for more news....oh and please i ask you again to give me some good reviews on The Homeworld Top100 by clicking here

Sunday January 20th, 2002

Mods Galore | 19:42 GMT | Scotty

Alright, during my searching for Homeworld mods I have noticed a very common pattern emerging. It seems that these days a lot of ambitious people have set out to make a brave new pioneering mod and have ended up stopping after version one. Those that have had mods in development since 2000 have seemed to have stopped entirely and a whole new bunch of mod teams have tried to finish what the other people started but are failing miserably (in most cases). I have noticed this for a while now and sadly I don't think there is much that can be done about it other than make those that are downloadable readily available in one place. The lack of updates of course makes my job easier as I don't have to upload massive files so often. Currently I have a few connection problems so uploading large files is difficult but just about possible. I have another mod available for you guys: the Wing Commander mod. Two more mods are set to be uploaded soon: The Star Wars Fleet Academy Mod which will be 7.68mb instead of 12.20mb. That's almost 5mb difference. The second mod shall be the Wild Universe mod. Keep checking back for updates, hopefully there shall be some map updates soon!

Thursday January 17th, 2002

More Mods! | 19:42 GMT | Scotty

I have two new mods ready for you to download right now; Babylon 5: The Dilgar Invasion and Homeworld Battleship mod. They are both around half the size of the authors file so get them now at a new definition of speed. Here at Jst-Online, we are waiting, fingers ready to click the download button on the full version of The Darkage Mod! Finally, I shall shortly be discussing the results of the Jst-Online Poll. On average, the results have been overwhelmingly positive so far I'd like to ask all you guys a big favour and say could you please give a load of good votes for my site on the Homeworld Top100 by clicking on the link to your right, as this would get me to a higher spot (although I'm quite pleased at the moment that I am riding around the Top20 sites).

Sunday January 13th, 2002

The content so far | 17:00 GMT | Scotty

I have various mods available at the moment however I have not included mods such as the darkage mod at this point as they are very near to a new release so I am waiting until the new release before I put that mod on :-) I suggest you all take a look at the 3rd party downloads section for a list of the latest mods available on Jst-Online at a smaller size and ease of use. Please note, all files come with the text files included with the original releases. If you feel like something new then check out some of my mods! Finally all of the links I know of have been amended to the new address or are being amended as I speak, the only links that have not changed is those inside my maps releases and mods which will all be changed once a new version is uploaded. Until then the old address will still point to this one. There is one tiny mistake in the Turanic Raiders readme file which has a small portion of the Narn vs Centauri Readme in it by mistake. This will be corrected when I next upload a bunch of files, but this does not mean that you cannot go and download it right now!

Sunday January 13th, 2002

Welcome | 16:55 GMT | Scotty

Welcome to Jst-Online; the webspace to make your the Homeworld Community. From now on Jst-Online is more than just another Homeworld based website, its not another of the millions of news sites, or a site where you can go to get everything that you need in one place.....this place. Jst-Online brings you full up-to-date map archives for Homeworld and Catalcysm, The Most Popular Mods & TC's, Maps & Mods unique to Jst-Online, Extensive Mod listings for those not hosted here on Jst-Online and the offer to all modders out there, that if you want your mod to get noticed, link it on Jst-Online. All the files stored on this website are of a significantly smaller file size and greater quality and most importantly; ease of use....every file need only one click to successfully install. From now on, this is the only place you need go to be in gaming heaving (plus HWUniverse of course :-)

Thursday January 10th, 2002

Modding | 16:30 GMT | Scotty

Well its taking a bit longer than expected to get hosted on TGU and due to the amount of bandwidth I would like to have, they're still unsure whether or not they want to host me! Not much seems to be happening on the mapping front either so I have decided to release one of my own basic mods a bit earlier than planned to keep you guys occupied. Its basically a modded Multigun Corvette which has two ultra powerful green ion beams as its forward guns, hyperspacing ability, plus 10x more powerful gun turrets than before. You may think that this would make the game extremely unbalanced but let me tell you that this ship also has its disadvantages. I have given a full brief to the tactics involved in using / killing my creation and I suggest you download now to try a new type of skirmish experience. Although the ship itself is finished, (it uses the normal model at the moment), there are still a few things I want to add to them mod itself but I cannot do that as of yet so I am leaving it like it is. So what are you waiting for? Go to the downloads section now!

Sunday January 6th, 2002

The Future | 10:41GMT | Scotty

My first post of 2002 and I am already excited at what this year brings. For Jst-Online, The Gaming Union is just weeks away (hopefully) which means mods galore for you guys and hopefully hits galore for me :-) This year Jst-Online will mature to a new standard in content (the unbeatable design will not change) and you shall all soon bow before this site as it overcomes all in its path. On a lighter note I'm finally getting some more upgrades which will turn my PC back into the gaming beast it was three years ago!

Finally on an off topic subject, sequels to some of my favourite games shall be released. The likes of DOOM3, Unreal Tournament 2, Duke Nukem Forever et al shall tempt me into buying them before I drown in my own drool! Hopefully this year shall also see an end to all the terrible things that have been happening these past two years and I hope that this year will be a good one for all my visitors; may the force of Hoemworld and Jst-Online be with you!

Saturday December 27th, 2001

Scary | 20:22GMT | Scotty

This is scary, I just went to update this page, looked at the time and its exactly the same time as it was in my last update, and its gone Halloween....Anyway! Although I said I'm not bothering to upload any mod files until the New Year when I hopefully get hosted on TGU (who hasn't replied to my email yet) I was just messing about and decided to do something nobody seems to have bothered to do before; make the Megaship seen in Singleplayer and some Multiplayer missions of Homeworld available to play! I succeeded and this baby rocks (no pun intended but the ship is basically a rock).

Go to the downloads section now and take a look at it....Plus don't forget to rate my site using the three sources provided on the right!

Thursday December 27th, 2001

2001 | 20:22GMT | Scotty

Well 2001 has had its ups and downs for Jst-Online. I have been faced with shutting the site down, completely re-doing the site, and buying a hit counter. Luckily people persuaded me out of quitting the Homeworld trade after the two years I have been doing this for and presently Jst-Online is on a hot spot which seems to be surpassing previous records and Dylov's MMA for that matter. 2002 has a lot to to look forward to with uploads of more mods which have a significantly smaller file size plus I'm hoping to get hosted on THE GAMING UNION as I have run out of space here on ic24. In 2002 you can look forward to more maps, more mods, more Homeworld and who knows; maybe even Homeworld 2. Hopefully you all had a good Christmas, I personally got what I wanted (a BB Gun, Nunchaku's, two Bruce Lee DVD's and a second sidewinder gamepad) and am now looking forward to the New Year. I wish you all a happy new year and thanks for supporting my site!

P.S - Please take the time to rate my site using the three sources provided on the right. The more positive ratings i get, the more updates I am likely to do!

Friday December 21st, 2001

Updates | 17:18GMT | Scotty

I completely reworked the site today and it took me ages. I changed various graphical layouts, fonts colours etc. I then renamed every single file to lowercase and got rid of the spaces in all the names which mean't I had to change every single link. Finally I have updated all the content; the maps, mod listings, comments etc. plus their is the downloads page which is where some of the most popular mods will be featured. Currently the SOA mod and B5 Narn vs Centauri Mod are available in a smaller download size :-)

You may have also noticed that this site is now single resolution only. This is because updating 3 pages for every 1 actual page took too long. This site looks great at 1024x768 and above but below this everything looks a little big. you may think that this is not an improvment but it means i can get updates to you a lot faster. If anyone knows of a way to make this site easier to view for a wider range of resolutions then I would be happy to hear suggestions!

Monday December 10th, 2001

First Online Game | 18:22GMT | Scotty

Well I've decided that this site is going to be online gaming orientated (it practically already is). Im going to arrange online games of Homeworld like I said in the post before last, This is ideally suited to my site as it already has all the things you need to play an online game; if you need maps, you can download then and if you need mods; some of the major ones will soon be uploaded (the strange thing is I don't think I have enough space but somehow I've managed to get 3mb over the size limit!. For my first game I am planning a game of Homeworld using the Startrek SOA mod. This is currently available to download from The Homeworld planetia or the downloads section in as a smaller file download.. If you are interested in playing simply turn up at the specified time or sometime during that time and login to the room entitled Star Trek SOA Multiplayer Game. Im not sure whether I can make it myself yet so if I don't then can someone please create the room for me and I might turn up later!

The date and time are as follows; 4:00pm GMT (1:00pm PST) on the 16th of December

May the games begin, so GL & HF :-)

Tuesday November 27th, 2001

Mapping | 17:18GMT | Scotty

I have updated the map archives for Homeworld and Cataclysm. The Homeworld Archive weighs in at 1.84mb compared to a whopping 6.06mb by the Homeworld map Archive. If you know whats good for yer go to the downloads page now :-)

Wednesday October 24th, 2001

Back To Action! | 12:00GMT | Scotty

Finally figured out something to do with the site! Because not much is happening on the map front these days I've decided to incorporate another development into the site. An idea that fits in well with the current themes of Jst-Online. Basically, this website has served the off-line side of Homeworld although maps are mostly played online :-) Jst-Online is now officially dedicated to Homeworld online gaming. Although I have a lack of skills in the department of web design which would allow you to arrange a date then post it on some kind of forums, I am hoping my idea will be welcomed and maybe HWU might actually just help me out a bit this time. Instead, I'm just going to arrange big matches where Ill choose a date, then post it on HWU and whoever turns up gets to play.


1. No mods allowed.

2. Ladder matches are permitted.

3. The use of Roger Wilco is allowed (Ill be using it!)

4. A specified base station will be set up on Roger Wilco for us to use (hopefully). If not then hopefully one of you with a fast connection can volunteer to do it :-)

5. I will create a room once in the game for us so you'll need to log out of the default english room into Jst-Online challenge room.

6. Don't forget to stack yourself up with a load of the maps from my super small map pack before you log on - custom maps are permitted.

7. Please do not use any of the tweaks available from my site while playing in these games - people will get very frustrated!


Wednesday August 8th, 2001

Jus' Waiting | 20:20GMT | Scotty

Well, nothing much has happened that was worth posting here in the past month! I thought I would just show you guys that I am not hibernating. Also, it did not help that I was rarely able to go on the internet to find out and get new stuff. For the past month I have been busy completing Half-Life Opposing Force on difficult after finally deciding to get the generation pack and have now put my attention on Half-life Blue Shift again on difficult.

Fortunately I am now able to get online so updates have arrived! The are a few new Cataclysm maps and Homeworld maps available. Also, for those of you that sign my Hall of Fame I would just like to point out that it does not go directly to me therefore I am unable to reply to you unless you state your email address. On the 10th of July someone called "Jedamac" asked me how long I spend on my site but I was unable to reply to him, the answer of course is that it varies depending on how much I have to do; if I just got some updating to do then only a few minutes but if I have to add new pages then it can take upto an hour.

Only two things to say at the moment; a) I have added the Galaxy Ad on the front of Jst-Online and another to the Banner pack so you too can have a cool animation on your links page and b) BPLlama has set up a guy called Beltemall to update his website (which I was supposed to do), but this apparently will allow him some time to arrange scripting for the HWU with Ceejayoz (although I am recognizing symptoms of failure to get hosted on HWU that I experienced before, therefore I do not think it will ever happen).

Monday June 25th, 2001

No Problems Here | 18:40GMT | Scotty

It seems that in the past three days a few problems appeared, but not to fear, as soon as I got the emails I went off to work and within about 2 minutes figured out both problems. I then sorted both of them out, how's that for service! (and you're not supposed to work on a Sunday).

The first problem was with the "Other Sites" links on the right. All the links had before their own addresses for some odd reason. The second problem was with the mods listings, which being derived directly from HWU's database with a few added extra's, were made incorrect when HWU changed from the dynamic server to These problems would not have been noticed without the help of you good people therefore I thank you!

On a more positive note, due to the amount of nice comments I get about my site, I have compiled another page dedicated to all the nice things said about Jst-Online; the senders will of course go down in the Jst-Online hall of fame.

4 more banners have been added to the banner downloads page for those of you who own a website and download file sizes have been added to all downloads so you know what you're getting into :-)

Friday June 22nd, 2001

New Maps!| 16:50GMT | Scotty

Finally some new maps have been released courtesy of BPLlama therefore I have updated the Mega Map Packs!

As for joining with the "Homeworld Map Archive", I have no information.

Wednesday June 13th, 2001

HWU | 16:50GMT | Scotty

Well there's not much to say really at the moment apart from the fact that I have admin access to HWU and have added Jst-Online into the personal pages section in their links area. I can add other people's websites on demand I suppose. Also, many people are sending me kind comments on the site and how they like it so that is good and this shows in the increase of hits :-)

It seems some people have been wondering were exactly to install the Mega Map Pack so on the relevant page I have added installation instructions.

Wednesday June 6th, 2001

A Speedy Delivery | 16:38GMT | Scotty

I have once again made something smaller in an attempt to reduce loading / downloading speeds for you guys out there; this time its the graphics. Although this doesn't matter to you lucky guys who have DSL, Cable Modem and the like, it makes a site more worthwhile for 56k modem users. The background has been reduced by 1kb, the heading has been reduced by 60kb and the light effect reduced by 20kb. While this would be laughable if it was the difference in size of a download, on a loading web page it makes all the difference, Enjoy!

Tuesday June 5th, 2001

The Tweak and Endless Possibilities | 16:38GMT | Scotty

Well, so far the Annihilation Mod has been well recieved. SajuukCor and the kind fokes over at relic's screenshot site have put a link to my site stating that "You're site looks great, and I'm putting it in my Links Section". Therefore in the same manner, I have put a link in the relevant section and if you notice, on the right hand side aswell :-)

I realised just the other day that my Homeworld tweak was made using the original version of the Homeworld tweak script and that a new one resided in the update.big file therefore I have updated it so it works better. In the idea of sonmeting original but so easily done by any modder, I thought I would put some little mods on the site which made playing Homeworld just a little bit easier; for example I have edited the gravwell generator so that it runs for several hours before exploding and have also prolonged and greatly expanded the life of the cloak field generated by the cloak generator. I have been meaning to experiment with different colours and fonts for the ingame interface but I have yet to do so....Check out the Misc Downloads section for the files!

Friday June 1st, 2001

A New Mod for your gaming pleasure | 23:37GMT | Scotty

A Brand New mod going by the name Annihilation is now available for Homeworld and is hosted right here on Jst-Online. It is made by Commander_X so any comments or queries should be directed at him. Click on the navigation button entitled "Annihilation" for more info or get his email address by visiting the staff page.

Also, I have decided to keep this site running and moderated by myself personally even after hosting on HWU - if it ever happens. If any mods in the early stages wish to be hosted on Jst-Online it will happen within one day, that's right, ONE DAY! Because it is a painstaking process messing around with HWU when you're just trying to get hosted so that people can download your gear is extremely annoying; believe me I know, so I am offering this service to you.

New maps should be due in a few weeks, I have added 5 more but have not updated the MMP yet : They are from the Babylon 5 Mod and Various Star Trek Mods. A week or two ago I had a good talk with BPLlama and Ceejayoz where much progress was made but at the moment nothing can be done until Ceejayoz and Dmille get back from holiday.

Sunday May 20th, 2001

The New and Improved Map Archive | 14:12GMT | Scotty

Over the past week you may have noticed that this site changed its front page a little to incorporate for different resolutions plus I added that neat little galaxy ad just to spice things up. In Jst-Online's continuing search for smaller download sizes for its files, I have managed to squeeze another 1.1mb off the download size of the MMP for Homeworld and 300kb off the MMP for Cataclysm. Unfortunately this has meant I have had to get rid of the installer for the pack and settle with a self extracting archive; but its not what it looks like, its what it works like that matters!

Although not official and by no means definite, Jst-Online will be joining with the Homeworld Map Archive in a couple of months when the new site gets hosted on HWU. This is good news as there will be only one place to get all your maps from and it will be on a larger scale. The site will feature all of what it does now and perhaps more while also incorporating the mapping community built up by BPLlama, but this is all in the distant future for now, watch this space...


Sunday May 13th, 2001

New design | 19:25GMT | Scotty

Hmm, is there something different about this site? Yes! Its the design. Yesterday I installed Dreamweaver 4 and although I didn't know how to use it, decided to try to anyway and now after about 3 hours work; voila!

I think its a bit clearer than the other design and slightly more simple. Please tell me what you think of it, should I keep it like this? One thing to watch out for at the moment; if you have a resolution higher than 800x600 then this page is aligned to the right way too much but I will try to figure out how to fix that the mods section has no active links because Dreamweaver does not automatically import the URLs.

Also a miscellaneous downloads section has been added so go and check it out!


Monday May 7, 2001

Black Nova | 20:30GMT | Scotty

A new mod for Homeworld has recently been started under the title of Black Nova. It's an original ideas mod, still in the very early stages at present. Check it out at

On a side-note Jst-Online seems to be doing well with much interest from users and people at HWU! I also just noticed that the Homeworld Top100 is back up which annoys me as I could have done with it counting as of last Friday! Jst-Online has been lets get it to the top spot (lol!!!!). Also I need as many people as possible to rate this site.

Review this Site

Saturday May 5, 2001

Official Release | 21:10GMT | Scotty

As of now, it is official that Jst-Online is here. News will be put on HWU, Message Boards and hopefully put forth by you guys. My old site has been changed to point everyone that visits in this direction. The final adjustments have been made such as a counter, and the content for the links page has been added. Does anyone know what happened to the Homeworld Top 100?

Friday May 4, 2001

The New Jst-Online! | 19:24GMT | Scotty

Welcome to the new Jst-Online. Although its not quite what I or everyone else expected (it was supposed to be hosted on the late Strategyplanet Homeworld site, but isnt) it has got a groovy design thanks to Spaceman although sadly it wasn't completed so I had to finish it off and made a dodgy job of it too. Still, if all works out, I may finally be able to give you guys the service you needed back on August the 5th 2000 where an extremely original and funny ad hit the shores of! The old site finished with 3857 original and 4895 in total hits which isnt bad for a site that nobody can download from, but then, that is all in the past.

Please note PST time is about 4hrs behind GMT time.